Connecting your Soul to the Sea, Simply.

An oceanic inspired brand of fine jewelry, Naut & Chain is the perfect blend of modern meets rustic - handcrafting sterling silver, brass and gold pieces of elegance & simplicity.

Built by lovers with a shared respect for the great wide and deep blue, Naut & Chain sparks a renewed sense of calm, reminding us to pause and play within the waters of the world, savouring the ease of an ocean breeze and life’s simple treasures.

An “any season” essential that looks good on salty, sun-kissed skin - each piece is designed and crafted with the intention to cultivate the feeling of a warm coastline, cool waters and the connectivity of the deep-sea, bringing an element of the sea straight to your soul.

All Hands-on-Deck.

We believe in the beauty of authentic handcraft, being sure to design and create original pieces from our hearts to yours.

We try our best to infuse the back-to-basics approach with our highly selective range of finejewelry, finding great pleasure in crafting novel and nautical pieces that tell a story about our love for the ocean blue & beyond.

Created from the finest materials of sterling silver, brass, and gold; each piece is intricately made with dedicated purpose and intention.

A Duo of Dreamers.

A perfect pair of travellers, dreamcatchers, and ocean lovers; Tyler and Angela are the creators behind Naut & Chain.

With hearts wide open and a deep love for the sea, Tyler and Angela founded a brand that captures their love for both the ocean and each other.

It all began when Tyler and Angela met in 2018.

At that time, Tyler was a 23-year-old beach lifeguard from Hilton Head, South Carolina and Angela was a 26-year-old fitness model from Playa Vista, California.

Sparking a deep connection from day one, the pair no doubt fell in love, beginning a long-lasting romance of heart and soul.

But the real journey and true success was ignited in the heart of their hometowns. Tyler and Angela moved back to Hilton Head Island and decided to merge their creative flare through an ocean-inspired collaboration, curating a brand that speaks a thousand words, expressing their mutual love for breezy coastlines, ocean air and the simple pleasures.

Naut & Chain is a living sentiment of sea and soul, crafted by two lovers with one intention, creating essential pieces that inspire calm, care and connectivity to the simple things in life.

Connecting the sea to your soul, simply.

This is Naut & Chain.